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SciTech Development Company Overview

Earle Holsapple, SciTech President, describes the company's patented ST-001 nanoFenretinide technology (nanoparticle sized fenretinide) and the investment opportunity. For ST-001 nanoFenretinide investment and partnering opportunities contact Earle Holsapple | (313) 263-4887 |

SciTech Presentation & Interview at NIBA Investment Conference in New York City

Earle Holsapple introduces SciTech's patented ST-001 nanoFenretinide technology (nanoparticle sized fenretinide in a phospholipid matrix) to the investment banking community.

SciTech Development Enabling Proven Cancer Therapies

ST-001 nanoFenretinide, a nanoparticle fenretinide formulation, offers increased hope for cancer sufferers. For Crowdfunding Cancer-Fighting Donations, visit

SciTech Development: The Company, The Technology and The Investment Opportunity

SciTech presentation including company overview, patented technology, lead drug ST-001 nanoFenretinide fenretinide, addressable markets, competition, key personnel, advisory board, drug product characteristics, fenretinide history, and drug mechanism of action (MOA).

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SciTech at China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC) September 2019 in Suzhou, China

Earle Holsapple introduces the company's patented ST-001 nanoFenretinide fenretinide technology to the Chinese investment, biotech and pharmaceutical industry at CBIIC. 

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Fenretinide ST-001 NanoFenretinde Drug Mechanism of Action (MOA)

The mechanism of action for SciTech's patented, lead cancer drug ST-001 nanoFenretinide (nanoparticle sized fenretinide in a phospholipid matrix).


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