Recent News:

  • IND for T-cell (NHL) approved by FDA

  • BARDA COVID-19 ST-001 application filed

  • Pre-IND for COVID-19 submitted to FDA

  • U.S. Army (USAMRDC) COVID-19 application filed

  • Received IRB Approval to enter the clinic at Rush University Medical Center (RUMC)

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Drug Product

ST-001 nanoFenretinide (Proprietary Formulation)
= Fenretinide + SDV.


Drug Target

2 cancer indications: t-cell lymphoma; and,
small cell lung cancer (SCLC);
All diseases with limited therapeutic options.


Proven Anti-Cancer Drug
Fenretinide has established efficacy in humans;
shown to be safe in 1,000’s of patients.


Unique ST-001 nanoFenretinide Formulation
Drug delivery of therapeutic doses - safely & effectively.


Strategic & Rapid Drug Development
Existing human efficacy data;
Access to NCI data;
Streamlined clinical trials design;
Fenretinide provided free by NCI.

FDA expedited programs anticipated:
(1) Fast Track designation
(2) FDA Orphan Drug designation - Granted Dec. 2017
(3) Accelerated Approval pathway
(4) Priority Review designation.


Amount of Financing Sought
$15MM Series A for completion of clinical trials required for NDA filing.


Use of Funds
cGMP drug manufacture (ST-001) Clinical Trials (Phase I);
FDA compassionate use approval & NDA filings.


Exit Strategy
Targeted acquisition.


Time to Market
2-3 years (unusually short).

Drug Mechanism of Action (MOA)

ST-001 NanoFenretinde Drug MOA (YouTube video)



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